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Located in Brooklyn, Serving Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the surrounding areas.

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About Us

Shining Star Kids Salon is a clean, bright, friendly natural hair salon where your child will be surrounded by positive thoughts and inspiring words as they get their hair done. Appointments and Walk-Ins welcome!

Shining Start Kids Salon is a clean, bright, friendly environment where your child will be surrounded by positive thoughts and inspiring words.

At Shining Star, we realize that natural hair requires tender loving care. Whether it’s kinky, coily, curly, baby fine or anything in between, our kid-friendly, professional stylists will take excellent care of your child’s hair. For many children (and their parents), just the thought of a child getting their hair done causes anxiety. That is why we provide a comfortable atmosphere where each child is treated with patience, kindness and understanding.

We use haircare products that are kid-friendly and safe. Our services include cornrows, crochet braids, extensions, freestyle braids, silk press, twists and more! You can bring a photo of your desired style or tell your child’s stylist what you have in mind, then sit back and relax. Whether it’s a maintenance style, special occasion, birthday party or its just time for a new “do”, your child will leave our salon looking and feeling like a Shining Star!

Busy parents, book your appointments in advance! If you’re really pressed for time and your child’s hair has already been washed and dried, Shining Star Kid Salon offers a “Shining Star Menu” which features hair styles that take approximately 1½hours or less.*

*The average braiding time for each style. Time may vary based on your child’s hair length and cooperation.

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Our Founder

In today’s society, our young people idolize social media personalities, entertainers and various false perceptions of what beauty is. Ms. Keisha Hickson is the CEO & Founder of Shining Stars Kids Salon located in Brooklyn, New York. With her firm beliefs and innovative ideas, she has developed much more than your typical child salon experience. Through positive affirmations, her love for god, and her passion for unifying the community; she provides each child with a memorable experience.

Keisha Hickson’s vision to open Shining Stars Kids Salon was born. With the salons, she uses her passion to connect children and teach them self-esteem and confidence through hair design. While encouraging children to love themselves and instilling that they have more substance than what social media projects.

Even the smallest ripples can cause waves. Keisha Hickson may consider herself as just a ripple in an industry amongst her peers. However, she is making waves in her community! Her willingness and determination to create positive environment’s where young girls and boys can learn the importance of self-assurance will undoubtedly leave the legacy of a woman who possessed a passion for positive change.

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